Menstrual Health Management

Menstrual Health

Menstrual hygiene management is one of the main barriers to girls’ education attainment in Uganda 🇺🇬. Poor access to sanitary products and lack of menstrual knowledge affect students’ performance at school compared to the opposite sex.

Under our 1k Sanitary Pad Project, we are using a unique, inclusive approach to address cultural taboos and social norms to establish good menstrual hygiene practices that would be accessible to the girls (both in and out of school) and owned and embraced by the community.

Economic Empowerement

economic empowerment

Economic empowerment entails women’s ability to make informed choices, take advantage of and fully benefit from economic opportunities and control their income and assets. Today, this remains a distant reality for many women worldwide. Globally, the female share of the labour force hovers around 40%, barely changing over the past two decades. Only 52% of women are active in the labour force and are concentrated in part-time or vulnerable employment.

If we work collaboratively, by 2030, women would be empowered economic actors, contributing to the dynamism of their economies.